Home Sweet Home – What You Should Do First When Bringing A Puppy Home

Knowing what to do when bringing a puppy home is very important.

Until this point your new squirmy, pooping machine hasn’t been without its mama, brothers and sisters.

He/she should have also been in a sterile environment, but let’s face it with countless other pups hanging around; how clean could it really have been?

Regardless, however exciting the prospect of this new family member can be try to keep it relatively quiet. And as far as the cleaning situation goes- well I’m not saying hands and knees with a tooth brush, but tidy up.

Just like toddlers, everything small enough and sometime even when it’s too large- will find its way into puppy’s mouth.

OK, so first things first when bringing a puppy home – they have the bladders the size of peanuts! So, a potty break is definitely in store.

From the get-go you want to take them out on a leash.

I know, I know it’s a pain and some of you have big old fenced in yards. But, I promise you will thank me!

This isn’t just so they don’t run down the block, but so that they get used to doing their business on a leash.

Yes, dogs can be pee shy too!

Don’t want them getting too used to having their privacy- then wham, you’re out and end up playing that 20 minute find the right spot game.

Also, you may want to designate the “release” spot.

This can make that oh, so fun job of clean up easier as you won’t have search and the pup with automatically know where to go.

You will have to be consistent in taking them to the particular stop, until they catch on.

But, we will get into potty partying in a later post.

Now that they have hopefully gotten it all out, it is safe to enter. Remember this is all new to them and they are curious little boogers.

Let them explore at their own indiscretion, but keep them in sight as curiosity often turns to mischief. Do not, crowd them, new surroundings can be overwhelming enough without a big giant looming over their heads.

Talk, Talk and More Talk

Talking to the puppy, will help it become familiar with your voice and make it feel more at home and ease the nerves.

At this point begin using the puppy’s name (should you have one picked out). You want to pup to start learning its name, this will make your life so much easier depending on their “selective hearing”

Avoid referring to your new bundle of joy with generic terms, like puppy or nick names. This will confuse the puppy.

Stick strictly to the name which you wish to call him or her.

Follow these tips for bringing a puppy home, and you should be just fine.

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