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Knowing what to do when bringing a puppy home is very important.

Until this point your new squirmy, pooping machine hasn’t been without its mama, brothers and sisters.

He/she should have also been in a sterile environment, but let’s face it with countless other pups hanging around; how clean could it really have been?

Regardless, however exciting the prospect of this new family member can be try to keep it relatively quiet. And as far as the cleaning situation goes- well I’m not saying hands and knees with a tooth brush, but tidy up.

Just like toddlers, everything small enough and sometime even when it’s too large- will find its way into puppy’s mouth.

OK, so first things first when bringing a puppy home – they have the bladders the size of peanuts! So, a potty break is definitely in store.

From the get-go you want to take them out on a leash. (more…)

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