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This page will give an overview to leash training a puppy.

First things first, getting the pup used to the big, bad collar. It is such a common site, that we often forget that a collar can be a shock to the newbie. Make sure the collar fits and is comfortable. For a pup you should have something that is lightweight and nylon with a buckle or snap. You can upgrade to a harness or choke collar once the pup is older.

The benefits of each will be addressed in a later segment. The puppy will mostly likely react to the foreign object around their neck, by scratching at it like a bat out of hell. Don’t be alarmed. Best thing to do is distract, distract, distract.

Place the collar on when the puppy is eating or playing, so it is the least of pup’s worries. If the puppy continues to obsess over the nasty collar, do not remove it. Just like a little kid that gets away with something, the pup will thinking that he/she has won the fight. (more…)

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