Hush Little Puppy Don’t You Cry – Your First Night With A Puppy

Your first night with a puppy can be tough.

And you thought it was all fun and games?!

As night is upon you, you may start to reconsider this whole puppy business. The first night home for your puppy is most likely not going to be an easy one for you, nor the pup.

One would think that not being kicked and walked on all night would be a plus, but pups often find the lack of cuddle buddies to be depressingly lonely!

Your puppy will most likely cry its first night home. And I hate to break it to you, but it will probably cry its first few nights home.

So here are some tips to make that heart breaking sound stop:

Close Quarters

Although a lot of people think of the crate as punishment, it really can be a safe haven for a puppy.

Puppies once adjusted will often put themselves in the crate with the door wide open because they view it their “place”.

You want it to be small.

Or if your puppy is going to grow into a small horse and you have a large crate – put the divider in.

In addition to comfort, the smaller space allows for less accidents. If a puppy has too much room it will pick a spot to squat and still have room to itself. But more on that later.

A towel or old blanket in the bottom can also help with soothing. In addition, draping a blanket over the crate to make it more cozy can also help cut down on the puppy crying at night.

Snuggle Buddy to the Rescue

Ok, so this one requires a little forethought.

When you go to pick up your new fury friend, take a stuffed animal with you. Allow the other puppies in the litter to crawl all over it and rub it along mama’s coat.

Make sure it is nice and scented up, because this may later be your saving grace!

Place the stuffed animal in the crate with your pup. It gives it a sense of security and less of a drastic transition.

Not only does puppy have the feeling that its cuddle mates are back, but bonus points- it even smells like them!

And for those of you that didn’t jump on the band wagon on this one early enough, don’t fret. Just adding a stuffed animal or pillow can simulate that crowded snuggle factor, and can work wonder with a puppy that cries at night.

Piddle Breaks

During your first night with a pup, if it wakes up and cries, take it out to potty. Remember that leash and designated tinkle stop!

Once the “deed” is done- straight back in the crate.

I know, it is so temping to play and smother with kisses! But, remember you are setting a president. The puppy will think it is play time, and believe me you want it to learn to sleep through the night as soon as possible!

Oh, and did I mention NO treats.

Sillies, that is food in puppies tummy. Just like that bladder, you know the one the size of a peanut we talked about- well guess what? Puppy’s tummy is no different. If you’re game for another soon to be potty party or mess- go for it, but seriously no treats or water!

While on the topic of water- a great trick is no water after 7 p.m. That gives you at least 3 adventures to that designated spot before bed time. This can help cut down on the number of nighty night trips.

Let’s Hit the Pillows

So your getting no sleep and the puppy’s crying at night is just breaking you down.

The bed for the both of you is looking better and better!


I mean how great do you sleep in your bed? Who would want to go back into their crate after sleeping on a Tempurpedic mattress?

If you start it, the puppy will never sleep in the crate. Now raise your hand high if you’re a sucker, and close to caving.

Don’t worry I was right there too!

Solution – You better grab some blankets and pillows and get comfy on the floor! Build a make shift bed next to the crate and place your finger through one of the slats in the crate. This allows the puppy to feel you near and hopefully the crying with stop and you can both get some shut eye.

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